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About weee2tree

Weee2tree was set up to help fund the development of Native Tree, Recreational Woodlands and other Biodiversity programmes allowing our customers to contribute financially, based on the volume of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. (WEEE/eWaste) presented for recycling

weee2tree Designated Activity Company (DAC) was incorporated in 2022.

The weee2tree Native Woodlands project is a Not-for-Profit initiative sponsored by Electronic Recycling and KMK Metals Recycling

The Shareholders and first Directors are Brendan Palmer CEO of Electronic Recycling and Kurk M Kyck MD of KMK Metals Recycling.

weee2tree operates as a completely separate entity from Electronic Recycling or KMK Metals Recycling.

The first projects are being funded directly by Electronic Recycling and KMK Metals Recycling.

Ongoing funding for future developments will include contributions from customers and suppliers who join us on our journey

weee2tree will partner with existing forests and biodiversity development operators to identify suitable projects that match our funding criteria

Partners and projects

We have identified Pocket Forests, who, as their name suggests, focus on small urban spaces where forests and biodiversity can be developed especially with schools and in conjunction with The Fighting Words Education programme, to help children develop an appreciation of the wonders of trees and biodiversity

Crann, Trees for Ireland, is another organisation that focuses on developing native woodlands with a plan of planting one million trees with Ireland’s one million schoolchildren across the island of Ireland by 2023 – to reach the Plant-for-the-Planet challenge.